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Review: The Magic Mitten

MAGIC-MITTEN_product shot low-resWith a new baby in the house, the offer to review the Magic Mitten couldn’t have come at a better time. This little hand held device is new to the market, and operates on the principle that white noise will help settle your baby: for babies, particularly in the early months after birth, these sounds are familiar, as the womb is a very noisy environment. Anecdotal evidence seems to support this – ask any parent of a colicky baby and you’ll hear stories of babies who will only settle if the hoover or washing machine is on.

The lowdown:

– The Magic Mitten consists of a soft pad which houses a small MP3 player. This comes preprogrammed, all you need to do is to charge it and push a button, and it starts playing.

– It automatically shuts off after 10 minutes

– It has a fixed volume level, designed to be safe for babies and inaudible to the surrounding

– The cover is washable

While we don’t have a colicky baby (fingers crossed), there are times when our little one needs a little help with winding down, particularly in the late afternoons after his older sisters have returned home from the day’s adventures, eager to lavish their attention on him (read: attack him with hugs, kisses, rugby tackles and more) so I decided to put the Magic Mitten to the test before my baby’s evening bath. I selected the ‘mother’s heartbeat’ sound, which is what you may have heard during your antenatal scans: a swooshing, rhythmical noise, and this instantly caught his attention. The calming effect was noticeable. I tried it at different times throughout the following day and noticed the same.

I am convinced this would work wonders for a baby with colic, and think it would make a wonderful gift for any family with a new baby.

The Magic Mitten, £29, is available from JojoMamanBebe

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